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It’s not all bottom line and brass tacks, and we’re not just typical small business consultants – we’re small business allies, and we’re on a mission.


With world-class client support, a powerful combination of experience and training, and unshakeable dedication to our clients and our values, you can count on us.


Our consultants know their stuff.  We cross-train our professionals in every major area of business from the bottom up so you’ll have a powerful business acumen at your disposal.


Located just outside of Denver, business consulting for Colorado firms is our specialty.  We leverage our local knowledge and connections to give you an edge.

Who We Are

The Difference Between A Consultant and an Ally

A business consultant is, at its simplest, someone who provides professional services or expert advice to a business, then parts ways.  If all goes well, the consultant walks away with a payday and your business is (hopefully) in a position to make a few more bucks than before.  The end.

At Helsing we have witnessed firsthand that sometimes the “one-night-stand” approach to business isn’t enough, or simply isn’t a good fit.  While we are glad to do our work and step back, we never stop caring about the continued success of our clients, even after the check comes in.  We offer extremely flexible pricing models (including performance-based compensation) for companies seeking alternatives, welcome our clients into a network of trusted local strategic partners to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed, and tailor our approach directly to the unique needs of each client, because your success is our success.  That’s a Business Ally.


al·​ly | \ ˈa-ˌlī    , ə-ˈlī  \
plural allies


: one that is associated with another as a helper

: a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle

Our Mission

Our mission at Helsing Business Analytics is to give small business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds who have a passionate vision for their business access to affordable, reliable, and impactful resources that increase their chances of survival and success.  We aim to:

  • demonstrate that every small business owner’s or entrepreneur’s passionate dream is worthy and attainable
  • help our clients develop channels through which they can contribute to society with their unique passions and abilities while pursuing the life they truly want for themselves
  • provide the resources needed to ensure the survival of the small business sector in an increasingly scaling environment

 Whether you’re trying to put a few extra zeroes in the bank, cultivate a lifestyle that really fits you, or use your resources to change the world, we’ll be there for you whenever – and however – you need us. 

A Note From The Founder on Business and … Vampires

Helsing Business?  What are you guys doing, slaying vampires?”

That’s the response I received the first time I ever presented my business model to a trusted companion, and it’s still one of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients.  I used to find it embarrassing and would rush to correct them, but as time has gone on, I’ve found that the answer is actually yes.

Our company derives its name from the fictional character Abraham Van Helsing, a protagonist in the classic story Dracula by Bram Stoker.  In the story, Van Helsing is actually an old, skilled, Dutch doctor by trade, renowned for his diligence and expertise in the field of medicine.  When he is called on by a long-time friend to aid with identifying and treating a peculiar ailment, he investigates with a keen eye, an open mind, and a determination to help.  In doing so, he makes a paramount discovery – that what was thought to be an ailment was actually only a symptom of a deeper problem.  The root of the unhealthiness was not a disease, but a vampire.

Like the eponymous Dutch doctor, I have seen that there are times where the usual, cookie-cutter solution is not enough.  At Helsing, we strive to emulate the powerful combination of open eyes and open mind that elevates our work from simply putting band-aids on the symptomatic areas of business to rooting out and correcting the real cause of the business’s difficulties. 

What does that have to do with vampires?  Well, aside from the fact that root causes tend to be subtle or hidden compared to the symptoms, the most obvious symptom is usually the business failing to retain enough of its cash or capital.  As we state in our “Five P’s” approach, capital is the “blood” of any business.  When an owner or manager calls us, it’s typically because the business is having difficulty retaining its “blood.” From there, it’s up to us to collaborate with you to verify the true nature of the issue, then devise and execute a plan to overcome the obstacle, or “slay the vampire.”

– Viktor L. Cerveny, CEO & Founder

Helsing Business Analytics, Ltd.

Years of Game-Changing Impact

With modern methods like Lean Business Design and Streamlined Project Management, we’re ready for the changing business landscape.

Unique Business Services

There’s a lot that goes into a business.  We offer services for most business needs and departments without complicating things.


Client Satisfaction

We ask our clients for real input, and so far our surveys say we’re killing it.  Don’t worry though – we’re still actively evolving and improving.

The Helsing Guarantee

A lot of businesses throw around “guarantees” and talk of “quality.”  But what do these really mean?  At Helsing, we don’t deal in vague notions of “quality.”  We deal in transparency and clarity when laying out plans for the work and assessing the required resources.  We deal in precision at all levels, from the numbers and processes in our work to the metrics by which we measure our successes and failures.  We deal in security, both in making sure your information stays safe and in ensuring that we deliver exactly what we promised you. 

You may have noticed our shorthand logo; it’s a geometric pattern with a letter “H” in the middle, and we call it the Helsing Seal.  Historically, wax sealing was used as a way of ensuring that the contents of a parcel wouldn’t be tampered with and to verify authenticity.  When you see our seal, whether in colored ink on our progress sign-offs or in actual red wax on the envelope containing your final documents and materials, you can rest assured that you’re receiving clear, precise, impactful, and secure materials.  If you’re not fully satisfied that we’ve delivered on our promises, you know exactly who to call so that we can make things right.  That’s a real guarantee.

“Viktor was so accommodating and offers excellent customer service, a dying breed.  He is intelligent and capable and held us well the whole time.”

Rob Weiland

Chief Communications Officer, Colorado Independent Media Group

“Helsing Business Analytics provides an innovative yet thorough approach for small business entrepreneurs who are looking for fresh ideas to remain competitive, provide a better product and outstanding customer service, and be an asset to the community. I would recommend Helsing to anyone who has the desire to succeed in a small business with the desire to explore and expand further.”

Martez Johnson

CEO, MJ Notary Denver LLC

When you need something done in a timely manner, and it needs to be accurate.Well, let’s just say WELL DONE!!!!

JT Richardson

Vice President & Executive Producer, A-Rich Production

"... Maximize Revenue and Provide Clarity for Success"


Denver’s business community has a brilliant new gem right in its back yard — Helsing Business Analytics!

Recently, the revenue model on our start-up needed some major tweeking and we reached out to Viktor and his staff at Helsing Business Analytics for guidance.  We had heard nothing but great things about the quality of work they do so we had a lot of expectations to start out with. Very soon thereafter, we were absolutely blown away.

Viktor and his team have a profound talent for taking highly complex financial ‘what-if ‘ scenarios and seamlessly translating them to easy-to-understand concepts. This, in turn, empowered us to collaborate with his team that resulted in sustainable and highly prudent solutions.

Aside from financial and managerial expertise, the Helsing Business Analytics team also flexed their diverse skill sets muscles by providing us with rare insights into the often confusing world of SEO and Internet traction.

It’s so rare to work with quality people that go way beyond the expected and who truly care about the success and continued well being of its clients.  That said, I give Viktor and his entire team the highest of praises and would recommend them wholeheartedly to any organization, any size, that wants to maximize revenue and provide clarity for success.


Emanuel L. Isler


LDM Hospitality


"... One of the Most Consistently Accurate Forecasting Models Used in the Company."


While I was a District Sales Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Helsing Business Analytics was contracted to help design and implement a Sales Forecasting Calculation Tool for my $88,000,000 sales territory divided over 14 Sales Representatives in the western United States.

The forecasting tool was tremendously successful, as it was the critical component in helping me create a forecast that was accurate to within 5% for each sales representative and within 3% for the territory overall.

Viktor was again recruited in 2019 to help update the tool and the results were identical to the previous year, proving it to be one of the most consistently accurate forecasting models used in the company.  The Helsing team completed the work in an extraordinarily timely manner with excellent insight as to the purpose of the project and offered significant improvements upon the original concept- all at an extremely competitive fee.



Matt Bernstein

Former District Sales Manager

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Who We Are

Meet The Team

Our growing network of professionals includes not just Helsing’s finest, but also our partners and subject matter experts.  From across industry lines, we are all glad to put our heads together to give you the guidance and assistance you need to succeed.

Viktor L. Cerveny

Viktor L. Cerveny

Founder & CEO

In 2017, Viktor founded Helsing Business Analytics to help realize peoples’ meaningful visions of their lives through business.  His innate curiosity, powerful capacity for problem-solving, and formal education in Finance are a few of the key tools he brings to the table as Helsing’s Lead Consultant.

Martin Kier

Martin Kier

Founder -Brand Buddy LLC

Martin owns a full service digital marketing agency based out of Arvada, CO named Brand Buddy. They specialize in services such as SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Ads. They also have 60+ satisfied clients and have a proven track record to back them up.


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