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Whatever you do, do it the best. Harness efficiency and effectiveness in your operations, make informed adjustments, let the little things add up in your favor, and save the bottlenecks for a well-deserved day off.


Starting a small business is a lot of work.  Get the help you need to plan your new business, launch it, and start your entrepreneurial journey off with confidence.


Your company is looking good, but since when was “good” good enough?  Fine-tune your processes, patch any holes in your strategy, and kick your business into overdrive.


Is your small business struggling?  Our experts will help discover the root of the issues your firm is facing and provide targeted solutions to get things back on track.


Operations and Project Management Services

  • Operations Priority Assessment
  • Process Optimization
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Project Critical Path Management
  • Project Evaluation & Selection
  • Project Planning & Design

What it Means to Consult for Process


Process.  What exactly is it?  Whether you’re a manufacturer turning raw materials into usable goods, a reseller drop-shipping your product to your clients, or the classic family-owned service business, your processes are the ways in which you create value.  That principle is the same for all processes, big or small, customer-facing or purely administrative.  Every process should be creating value.


Our experts will help your company to create, maintain, and even exude value by:

  • dissecting your current model for operations to discover what it does best, where it’s not running optimally, and what it contributes to the big picture
  • reducing the amount of waste produced in your processes, be it in the form of wasted material, wasted money, or wasted time
  • assisting in the devising and execution of projects that will introduce new processes or update old ones for the firm’s benefit
  • salvaging the necessary projects and processes that are falling behind or underperforming

Processes & Features

What to Expect From Us

Documentation & Reports

Operations and Projects both do best when they are well-supported with appropriate and informative documentation.  Whether it’s a progress report on how the new software implementation is coming along or a breakdown of current materials, waste, and value added, this documentation assists greatly with the little  optimizations that add up to big results.

You can expect to have at least one hard-copy or digital report or document we’ve created, depending on the service, that details the performance and progress of the operation or project of focus.  If receiving project-based services, expect a significant amount of documentation, as well as a completed project.



What is the best manufacturing process, order of operations, and arrangement of machinery to manufacture 2,000 sustainable LED lightbulbs in a day?  We don’t know either, and frankly it wouldn’t be very valuable to most of our clients if we spent our time independently figuring that out.  Instead, we will be asking plentiful questions to people at every level of your firm and supplementing with our own research to make sure that we’re fully utilizing our best Subject Matter Experts on your process – you.

You can expect a lot of questions from the entire spectrum of “who, what, when, where, why, and how” that will help us, and you, better understand the inner workings of your operation. 



While we will certainly crunch some numbers, we’ll be looking at things in a different numerical frame than in some other areas like Finance & Accounting.  Here, we’ll be looking at almost every single factor relevant to its matrix of goals and outcomes.  We’ll spend a lot of time “zoomed in” to discover the subtle factors influencing your operations and devising courses of action to address them. 

You can expect to have some numbers crunched, one or more suggestions for optimization, and some useful information to be extracted from given data. 


Materials & Supplies

What We’ll Need From You


We’ll be relying on you to act as capable Subject Matter Experts to some degree.  A positive attitude, open mind, and helpful demeanor will speed up this process and open the doors to outcomes with real positive impacts. 


In the context of operations, we’ll likely need access to the firm’s internal information channels so we can get a good picture of things.  For projects, we’ll need a minimum of some time and some money at its most basic – and an understanding that changes to a project in progress will cause one or both of those to increase.  See “Clarity” on the right. 


Especially in the context of projects, it is paramount that we understand each others’ expectations clearly and correctly.  Our consulting process contains several built-in features to facilitate this clarity, especially concerning time-frames, resource allocation, etc.  We’ll need you to commit to being on the same page with us so we can focus on making great things happen.


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