Let’s Create Something Meaningful Together

However you create, and whatever you need, we’re here to help you bring meaning and beauty to the world in your own authentic way. 

Integrity First

Art is not, and should not be, made to maximize profit.  We work to promote not only the material well-being of artists and artisans, but to do so without compromising their artistic integrity or authenticity.  We promise to put integrity first, always.

Special Pricing

We know that artists and artisans aren’t made of money.  We refuse to let money be the reason we don’t help, so we have plentiful discounts and special deals for artists to make getting help a realistic option for you.  We even barter where possible!

Continued Support

In our work, we come across clients in every area, including production companies or firms with an artistic focus.  Even after working with you, we’ll continue to keep you informed of opportunities and connections we find that you might be interested in.

What we Do

Solutions for Common Problems Faced By Dedicated Artists

Digital Portfolio & Web Presence

One of the easiest ways to get your art in front of people is to put it up on display – these days, this largely happens online.  We build affordable but elegant websites and portfolios for artists and artisans so that your precious work will always have a home online and be able to be enjoyed by everyone who looks for it.

Bonus – we have some great partners who can help you promote and present your work as well as possible so none of the quality is lost in translation.


Even if you have no plans to monetize your art, it’s important to spend a little time on your financial planning to make sure you always have the supplies you need to keep creating.  We can help with everything from helping you develop financial literacy to budgeting your personal lifestyle with you so the you can prioritize the things that really matter to you.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create amazing things and make enough to keep a roof over your head?  Using lean business techniques, we can help you devise and execute action plans to generate some income from doing what you love without sacrificing your meaning, message, or authenticity.

Funding & Production

For larger projects that will require some planning and resources, we can provide several complimentary services that will help the project succeed.  Whether we’re preparing budgets for funding proposals, connecting you with local talent or funding, or helping you manage the back-end of the entire project while running, we’re happy to help.

Featured Service

Get Your Work Displayed Publicly

Local Business Collaboration

You don’t need to be picked up by a studio exhibit to get your work seen.  Businesses need everything from art to display on walls and in windows to live events and performances and more.  We’re in a unique position to be able to help them get access to your art while helping you get exposure and generate interest.

Digital Exhibits and Portfolio

There’s limited space on a wall, but you have all the room you need to give your creations a breathtaking home online.  The combination of a designated website and a simple business card can have a massive positive impact on your ability to share your work with others, whatever that means for you personally. 

Who We Help

Assistance Comes in Every Shade, Shape, and Size

Individual Artists

  • Visual Artists
  • Carvers & Sculpters
  • Solo Dancers & Choreographers
  • Solo Musicians
  • Writers
  • Storytellers
  • Actors
  • More

Groups & Communities

  • Music Groups / Bands
  • Theater Groups
  • Dance Groups
  • Artist Collaborations
  • More

Art Companies / Organizations

  • Exhibit Studios
  • Recording Studios
  • Production Companies
  • Event Organizers
  • Publishers
  • Live Venues
  • More

Get Started

Helsing Business Loves to Team Up With Local Artists

There exists a common misconception that “practical” affairs in the world cannot also be “artful” simultaneously.  We think this does a disservice to both of those worldviews and prevents them from connecting and helping each other.

Our understanding that world works better when everything works symbiotically is why our very first official business partnership was made with a local artistic development and production company – Sigilyte Media.  With an eye for photography and videography (and an artful world lens to boot) Sigilyte helps us bring some much-needed beauty to our clients, primarily in the realm of their digital presence and marketing. 

That’s not all though.  We love working with local artists to feature music, physical decorations, food, and more.  Whatever your art is, let us know about it so we can see if we have any opportunities for us to work together to create a more beautiful and more collaborative world.

About Us

Why Work With Us?

We’re artists too – you’re just seeing the “crunchy” business side of us.  In our private time, we pursue artistic interests in areas like painting, drawing, creative writing, acting, voice acting, music, sound recording, and more. 

As a result, we know how soul-crushing it is to have to choose between being authentic and having food to eat.  That’s why this page in particular exists.  If we can help you get to that point, we will.

“Viktor was so accommodating and offers excellent customer service, a dying breed. He is intelligent and capable and held us well the whole time.”

Rob Weiland

Chief Communications Officer, Colorado Independent Media Group

“Helsing Business Analytics provides an innovative yet thorough approach for small business entrepreneurs who are looking for fresh ideas to remain competitive, provide a better product and outstanding customer service, and be an asset to the community. I would recommend Helsing to anyone who has the desire to succeed in a small business with the desire to explore and expand further.”

Martez Johnson

CEO, MJ Notary Denver LLC

When you need something done in a timely manner, and it needs to be accurate.Well, let’s just say WELL DONE!!!!

JT Richardson

Vice President & Executive Producer, A-Rich Production


Part of the Artistic Denver Community

 Helsing Business Analytics wasn’t started just to make money; it was started with the purpose of tackling the practical and material issues that prevent people from living a life they are happy to wake up to every day.  Surprise – the number one problem is money in one from or another. 

So our founder took a break from his various other creative pursuits to create something that would help give people the options he wanted for himself while saving them the same legwork he fortunately (and unfortunately) has a knack for.  Don’t worry though, he’ll be back to working on writing his stories, combining charcoal and printer’s ink, producing his strange music, and everything else as soon as he’s helped you out.

Speaking of creativity, you get a special discount if you create a special piece of art for us inspired by our business’s name!  Seriously.  Contact us for more info on that.


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