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Numbers and pictures tell quite a story. See what your business looks like from 30,000 feet up, identify clearly where you’re going and where you’ve been, and take charge of writing a story that ends with a few extra zeros in the bank account.


Starting a small business is a lot of work.  Get the help you need to plan your new business, launch it, and start your entrepreneurial journey off with confidence.


Your company is looking good, but since when was “good” good enough?  Fine-tune your processes, patch any holes in your strategy, and kick your business into overdrive.


Is your small business struggling?  Our experts will help discover the root of the issues your firm is facing and provide targeted solutions to get things back on track.


Management & Information Systems Services

  • Assisted Negotiations
  • Bootstrapping & Bartering Coaching
  • Business Entity Selection
  • Business Sale Prep
  • Communications Structure
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Diversification Advising
  • Documentation Optimization
  • Expansion Analysis
  • Feasibility & Breakeven Analysis
  • Financial Literacy Coaching
  • Gamification & Incentivization
  • Goals & Targets Consulting
  • Hosting for SEO
  • Information Channels Analysis
  • Internal Data Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator Structuring
  • Liability Reduction Tactics
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Mission & Vision Development
  • Negotiations Coaching
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • Organizational Design
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Strategic Decision-Making Models Application
  • Strategic Performance Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Web Administration

What it Means to Consult for Performance


While every area of our services is designed to positively and noticeably impact company metrics and outcomes, consulting in this area specifically focuses on two of the most direct factors of a solid performance – company information and company strategy.  From information’s humble beginnings as raw, disorganized data to its final applications by upper management and company visionaries, we see what the company has to work with, how it gathers its data, what processes it uses to extract information from it, and how company leaders apply what they have as a result.  On the strategic side, we’ll look at how the company interacts both with its inner world through its structure and organization and its outer world through its strategic orientation and tactical developments.


Our experts will help you tune up the back-end of your company and kick your performance into high gear by:

  • identifying the company’s channels for data and information, as well as their effectiveness and the degree to which they’re being utilized
  • devising structural and organizational modifications to reduce inherent friction and maintenance while driving key metrics and overall development
  • revising relevant company documentation materials and practices to encourage more positive outcomes and/or better information-harvesting
  • assisting in the crafting of business plans, implementation of targeted policies, and provision of back-end ongoing services to support company strategy and reduce the burden on company leaders

Processes & Features

What to Expect From Us


When we jump into these services, we’ll need to start by gathering information from you, and the reason is two-fold: we’ll need to get as much info as we can that you’re working with so we can get a better idea of the big and detailed picture of your company, and we’ll also need to see what process your leaders go through when utilizing and otherwise drawing on information.  In entrepreneurial services such as Business Entity Selection or Feasibility and Breakeven Analysis, we’ll be interviewing for anything from overall purpose of the company to raw data. 

You can expect to field plenty of questions spanning content from high-level to low-level, past, present, and future, and from people-based to process- or machine-based.  Basically, you’re going to be instrumental in helping us more quickly understand your company well.


Training & Coaching

Management especially is a complex and varied field, and most of these services will give you some nifty new tools to tackle the challenge with over time.  If you decide it’s in your best interest to outsource certain management-level functions such as strategic analysis or KPI structuring, we’re happy to fill that roll, but either way we’ll want you and your people to have a decent understanding of what needs to be done/what we’re doing for you. 

You can expect your company leaders and key players to receive one-on-one instruction from our experts regarding what we’re doing, how and why we’re doing it, and how to do it without us in case you’re looking for greater self-sufficiency as a company.


Deliverables & Services

A handful of the services in this area will tackle complex questions or problems, but the result will be a simple answer or, in some cases such as Web Administration, recurring services to be completed over a time frame.  Either way, you can expect some light documentation in most services, as we do focus on the quantifiable benefit of the service to the company.  If the solution is a service we can provide over time, you can expect a break from some of the workload while we take care of business.

You can expect anything from a simple summary of interactions statement to a full-blown strategic analysis report depending on what we’re helping out with, but whatever you do receive will be appropriately thorough.


Materials & Supplies

What We’ll Need From You


The fundamentals of business are surprisingly simple at a glance, but every single company applies them in different ways.  At the upper levels of a company, we are dealing with the absolute highest quantity of “moving parts,” so we’ll need you to be prepared to give us the full VIP tour of your business’s inner workings.


Any time we are talking about “performance” you should expect to be dealing with documentation on some level.  We’ll need to see what numbers you already have, dig into what they really mean, and see how you’ve been applying them.  We’ll need you to be willing and able to provide (or allow us access to) broad metrics such as your net income to more specific info such as the evaluation documentation for the last set of projects you selected from.  It’s all fair game.


Businesses, like the people who run them, are not perfect.  There’s no shame in that, and we don’t judge (ours isn’t perfect either).  But, much like a therapist for your business, we’ll need you to put all the cards on the table – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so we do our best to give you what you need to succeed.


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