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Capital is the blood of your business, and profit is the key to keeping your business alive and well. Make sure your money is going to the right places and take a precise, insightful look at the whole financial picture, from bottom line to highest ceiling.


Starting a small business is a lot of work.  Get the help you need to plan your new business, launch it, and start your entrepreneurial journey off with confidence.


Your company is looking good, but since when was “good” good enough?  Fine-tune your processes, patch any holes in your strategy, and kick your business into overdrive.


Is your small business struggling?  Our experts will help discover the root of the issues your firm is facing and provide targeted solutions to get things back on track.


Accounting & Finance Services

  • Accounting Systems Advising
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Capital Budgeting & Purchase Planning
  • Capital Structure Analysis
  • Cost Reduction
  • Financial Modeling & Reporting
  • Financial Overview Analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Fraud Prevention Coaching
  • Profitability / Cost & Margin Analysis

What it Means to Consult for Profit


When we think of profit, our mind usually jumps to the bottom line.  However, that bottom line is inextricably connected to and shaped by every other line above it, figuratively and metaphorically speaking.  By expanding our perspective of our company’s attributes from how much money we make to how much value we create from our capital, we can find better ways to manage our earning and spending and make all of the lines more pleasant to read.


Our experts will help to drive efficient and scalable performance in your Accounting and Finance departments by:

  • assessing all the ways capital enters and exits the firm, and identifying the characteristics, impacts, and necessity of these channels
  • ensuring that the company’s framework of margins is constructed to facilitate the creation of value, and consequently, wealth
  • employing analysis of financial information to help your firm navigate its current path while avoiding its pitfalls, or make informed and confident pivots when the current path is no longer viable
  • accounting for investor/buyer perceptions in regards to organization, structure, and performance
  • Crafting a detailed and actionable picture of company finances for decision-makers with respect to past, current, and future positions

Processes & Features

What to Expect From Us

Documentation & Reports

The area of Accounting and Finance is defined by documentation.  From P&Ls to balance sheets to tax returns, we’ll be working with your financial data, then organizing that data accordingly and appropriately to be returned to you.  Possible deliverables include P&Ls/income statements, balance sheets, sources and uses statements, financial models and reports, pro forma statements, tax returns, and more. 

You can expect to have at least one hard-copy or digital report or document we’ve created, depending on the service. 



These disciplines work entirely with quantifiable data, which is straightforward to analyze in various ways.  Much of the analysis we will provide will focus on proportional relationships, as most business factors are of value not in isolation, but relative to other factors.  Other analyses include investor/buyer perspectives, effectiveness of financial records and record-keeping, and business trajectory in the context of strategy.

You can expect to have some numbers crunched, one or more suggestions for improvement, and some information to be extracted from given data. 



While interviewing is less prominent in this service area, we will still need to ask some questions.  For example: what do you currently want to see on financial reports, and why?  In services such as business valuation, there is a tremendous amount of information that is needed to construct a realistic picture of the company and an equally realistic valuation.  We’ll also likely be asking questions about supplier relationships, general administrative processes, etc. to help determine if there are kinks in the system.

You can expect to field a lot of “why” questions regarding company finances and the factors that contribute to them, and a better understanding of the decision-making that is driving financial circumstances in your company.


Materials & Supplies

What We’ll Need From You


Much of the work we do in this area will be built with, derived from, or defined by the financial records you already have (or need to have).  We may need anything from your financial reports to your tax returns.  If you don’t have much in this area, we’ll need you to be willing to help us get it or make it from what you do have.


While we all know the general gist of what financial statements, reports, and models are meant to do, anybody who’s really worked with them knows that there’s no “one true way” to do them.  In fact, everybody tends to do their reporting a little differently.  We’ll need you to help us really get to know your firm’s current practices and customs. 


Analysis, specifically of the quantitative variety, is the bread and butter of these services.  Analysis also happens to be a 100% G.I.G.O. situation – that is, Garbage In, Garbage Out.  We’ll need you to tell it to us exactly how it is without sugarcoating, filtering, or pulling any punches.  If you put nonsense into the equation, you will get compounded nonsense back.


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