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Superior attitudes and aptitudes, effective communication, realistic goals and expectations, and a strong fit are what create the perfect environment for your business’s most valuable assets – its people.


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Human Resources Services

  • Communication Skills Development
  • Composing Teams for Synergy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Hiring & Staffing Coaching
  • Internal Feedback Management
  • Job Description Crafting
  • Personality & Aptitudes Assessment
  • Team Building
  • Team Management Skills

What it Means to Consult for People


Many businesses seek to simply “get the most out of their employees,” which often creates lackluster results and less than happy workers.  People, either as individuals or in groups, end up being evaluated, measured, and adjusted as if they were the same kind of asset as our machines and digital systems.  In the process, the distinct advantages that come with being a human person are lost or largely negated.


Our experts will help bring the “humanity” back to your Human Resources by:

  • emphasizing proper development and application of soft skills such as communication (including active listening)
  • identifying and reconciling attitudes, aptitudes, and expectations to promote proper fit on a pervasive scale
  • providing education, training, and/or drills to assist team-formation and expedite the maturation process of teams
  • adjusting current models and processes for communications, reporting, collaboration, etc. to reduce friction generated therein

Processes & Features

What to Expect From Us

Interviews & Surveys

With most services in this category, you can expect a significant amount of info-gathering in the form of interviewing and surveys to take place.  Interviews will most often be one-on-one with team members, though sometimes group interviewing will be appropriate.  We will not only interview managers, but any key individuals or stakeholders to the work.

Surveys may also be distributed using an online form, a third party such as survey monkey, or written forms, and may be anonymous where applicable. 

You can expect to have some valuable information and equally valuable raw data regarding your firm’s human resources by the end of the process.


Training & Coaching

Whether with individuals, groups, or both, some amount of instruction is usually needed for these services.  We may need to sit down with one key manager to walk them through communication tools and tactics for information discovery, or we may need to coach an entire team on the team formation process and how to help it along.  This will mostly look like verbal consulting/advising, but may be applied to hands-on situations as well.

You can expect to come away with an increased amount of tools to work with in this area, as well as a better understanding of all of your tools and how they can be effectively applied.


Workshops & Drills

The skills typically emphasized in these services can be easy to learn but difficult to apply.  We often like to put them to the test by having people participate in live exercises, either in the form of a monitored workshop or a more precise drill.  These may also occur one-on-one, but are usually used in situations with higher head-counts. 

You can expect to have some hands-on practice in working with these issues in impactful ways, and you’ll likely have a better understanding of your team members, how they function solo and together, and where to go from there. 

Materials & Supplies

What We’ll Need From You


Working with the human factors of a firm takes time, even just in the interviewing process.  From the discovery phase to the execution, we’ll need you to be willing to make time for your people to be heard.


Not much is needed in terms of documentation here, but anything you do have is welcome – performance reviews & metrics, responsibility matrices, communication structure diagrams, etc.


Without the active and willing participation of both upper- and lower-level team members, making positive developments in this area is nearly impossible.  We’ll need you to put on your “leader hat” and help facilitate buy-in and interest from your people.


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